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How can Hedge Above make your property stand out?

It all starts with a great team, a major source of pride for our staff of experienced, dedicated, uniformed team members is leaving your property looking so polished and cared for that all you can say is Wow!! The Lawn beautifully striped, everything meticulously trimmed, grass clippings cleaned of all hard surfaces and not blown into your plant beds, our team knows how to take care of your property. Team members are coached and encouraged to be proactive on your behalf, they are not there just to service your property and leave each week. Mowing teams also note potential problematic turf issues, identifying outbreaks of turf fungus’s like Brown Patch and Dollar Spot, Grub activity, nuisance insect issues, mole infestations and more. Be assured when potential turf damaging issues are identified, you will be quickly notified with a solution and timely resolution. Clean new trucks, trailers and equipment are all you will see servicing your property, uniformed team members utilizing only high quality brand equipment, freshly sharpened blades on mowers each day, clean under decks. When we say we want To Define Client Expectations Through Outstanding Service” We own it and you can believe it!

Take advantage of some of our other service offerings also:

  • Hedge/Ornamental Trimming – Neatly done all debris/clippings cleaned up
  • Seeding – Perfectly Graded, high quality seed mix drilled in for great results
  • Core Aeration – 2 to 3 inch cores removed allowing for great root expansion
  • Sodding – Small to large jobs our team can help you get that instant lawn
  • Mulching – Weed plant beds, weed control, up to 6 varieties of mulch
  • Mowing – Let us help you enjoy extra time with family and friends

Our Professional Services Include:

  • Mulching
  • Hedge and ornamental trimming
  • Aeration
  • Sodding
  • Seeding
  • Mowing
  • Dethatching

“If you love beautiful straight lines in a beautiful

green lawn, these are the guys to use.”    

– Bob M